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#2 Today's Tech

#2 Today's Tech |Nokia 9 | PUBG New Update | Fortnite Make New Milestone | Tor Browser Officially available on Google Play | Huawei Dislisted From 3D Mark Bench |Flying Taxi in India | Razer Phone 2 | Facial Unlock 2 in Apple XS |Samsung Folding Smart Phone and more

  1. E-Commerce market will touch a new milestone of 100 Billion Dollar till 2022
  2. Nokia 9 another photo leaks where see all the detail of 5 cameras. 5 Cameras stands for Depth, Wide Angle, Zoom, Monochrome & a Main Camera as we aspect.
  3. A new render comes out that iPone XS comes with ID Face Unlock 2 which is more fast, more accurate    
  4. Samsung folding smart phone comes in November says a render in Sun Francisco on 7 or 8 th November in Samsung Developer's event.
  5. Microsoft releases a new Adaptive controller 
  6. Huawei P20, Huawei Nova 3 & Honor Play delisted from 3D mark Bench
  7. Tor Browser alpha version is officially release on Google Play Store. If you get mote privacy or do Dark Web work so you check it. out.
  8. Fiying Uber Taxi is coming in India. Head of product or Head of Program of Uber come and meet Mr. Narendra Modi . 
  9. Fortnite reaches 15 million download on Android just 21 days after releasing.

  10. Maruti Ciaz sold 7000+ unit in the month of August beat Honda City & Hyundai Verna. 
  11. Sand stone back cover free with One Plus 6 in Amazon. When you order One Plus 6 from amazon you added a sand stone back cover and the time of order sandstone cover price is reduced.
  12. Razer Phone 2 leaks with its feature. 8GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 512GB Internal Storage.
  13. PUBG will come a new update for mobile where comes a new map, new car & new wapen. Update is 0.8.0

  14. Gym with electromagnet comes a new concept .
  15. People has a great enthusiasm of Bengaluru Space Expo ISRO Crew Capsule.
  16. Apple comes with Airpower mat on 12 September said a render.

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