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Jabong Last Day sale get more offers

Jabong Last day Sale Get more offer
Jabong             Photo Credit:-paulwriter.com

Jabong started their first sale for diwali and Durga Puja from 22th - 26th September. But this time jabong give a conditional offer which is you purchase one thing from Rs 999 and above from their selected chart and with in 24 hours you can get a code number via E-mail & the inbox section of Jabong app. With this coupon code you can get 80% discount on selected products on Jabong app for one product. 

But customers complain that this types of conditions are peculiar for buying products. My experience recall me that Jabong has given this types of sale. But in the last day means today they will give a big discount in most of the products but there is also one problem that products are sealing very fast and even all size is not available in the last day. But this is small tips that if you want to get more discount on Jabong buy in the last day of sale.

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