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Mi Note 5 get Android Oreo update

Mi Redmi Note 5 get OTA update: Comes with Android Oreo stable in MIUI V9.6.5.0

Mi Redmi Note 5 get OTA update on 30th august. In this OTA update Redmi Note 5 get Android 

Oreo update. Face unlocking feature is also comes with in this Oreo update. Note 5 user

ofIndonesia, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam get this

 update. Camera algorithms has been updated, and image quality has been further optimized in 

this OTA update.




Mi Note 5 users experience the Android Oreo in this latest update stable in MIUI version of  V9.6.5.0.OEGMIFD 


Mi fixed translation issues with the Bulgarian language in Redmi Note 5



Mi overcome the problem of camera does not work in some cases & fixed that problem in this OTA update 

 Other improvement & optimizations 


Mi fixed the problem of Wi-Fi drained battery in some cases in Mi Note 5 in the latest update.

 You comment on below about your experience after using latest Android Oreo in Mi Note 5  

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