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#20 Today's Tech

 #20 Today's Tech ; Nokia 7.1 Plus | 5G in USA | Lenovo 4 Camera Smartphone | One Plus with out bezel display | Sony & Xiaomi smart speaker | Amazon prime member free | Note 4 blast | Mi Mix 3 coming in October & Many more....

  • HMD Global announced a launch event in India on 11 October where they may be launched Nokia 7.1 and 7.1 Plus. Let see what are the price of the phone, if the pricing is good with some cool features so this is definitely a valuable smartphone.
  • Vetrizon announced their 5G network in some selected areas in USA. But the problem is we don't have any proper 5G device except Moto Mod support in Motorola flagship phone.  
  • Lenovo may be launched 4 camera smartphone in October as a photo comes out in which clearly show the 4 cameras in rare. So see this which company run fast in making of 4 camera smartphone in rear side.
  • Space-X recently said that they send people in Mars for travel. But the main problem is what they eat in Mars so scientist test this thing.
  • LG V 40 ThinQ will be launched with 5 cameras. 3 camera is rear side & 2 is front side. We also know the function of rear 3 cameras - 1. Standard, 2.Wide-angle, 3. Telephoto. Front camera functions ares - 1. Standard, 2.Wide-angle.
  • One Plus tease a video which show that the Phone has not any bezel in lower side. If One Plus launch One Plus 6T with bezel less display in lower side. 
  • BSNL gives you 1 year free Amazon Prime membership if you use Broad Band 745 Rs or above plane or 399 Rs post paid plane in Mobile.
  • Google Chromecast version 3 is coming soon in market but it available in Market of USA though now it is stop.
  • Xiaomi and Sony launched their new speaker in India. Sony Speaker (SRS XB01) at Rs 2,699/-, Battery life 6 hours. Xiaomi launched their Mi bluetooth speaker 2(Speaker is smal, 6 hours battery life) at Rs 799/-  
  • Airtel 181 Plane 3GB data/day unlimited calls for 14 days.

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