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#30 Today's Tech with Technical update of 12/10/2018

Vivo Z3 renders|Samsung and Microsoft foldable smartphone|Price increasing of Tale Communication Parts|Xiaomi new products launched|Fortnite available in Android with-out invite|Mi Mix with Snapdragon 855 & many more .......in #30 Today's Tech

  • Renders come that Vivo Z3 come on 17th October with Snapdragon 710 Processor and Dual Turbo Technology. Let see what vivo Z3 performs because Snapdragon 710 is a very interesting processor for mid-range smart phone and what the price of this phone.
  • Samsung CEO confirmed that Samsung launched a foldable device which use as tablet as it's normal condition and transfer into a phone after folding. They also confirmed that they continue as a series of foldable smartphone where they improve their series in future.
  • Reports said that Mi Mix 3 launched on 15th October but the crazy things is renders come that the phone will launched with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor which is not officially confirmed by Qualcomm. Let see is this possible or not because recently Google Pixel 3 launched with Snapdragon 845 processor.
  • iPad Pro line-up 2018 edition is launched soon tell a leak where A12X latest chip is also leak for iPad Pro line-up.
  • Microsoft is also planing to launch a foldable smartphone now wait and watch who launch first foldable smartphone in the world -Samsung, Microsoft, Lenovo, LG or another company.
  • Xiaomi launched their some new products in China. 3 TVs(65 inch, 58 inch, 43 inch) and a laptop(15.6 inch).
  • If you have a old customer of Airtel so Airtel offer you free 100 GB data if you buy a phone from Flipkart. This Airtel thank you offer where Airtel thanks it's customer. Some additional offer of Netflix subscription is also available.
  • Amazon Alexa Plus and Alexa Dot available in India at around Rs 15,000 and 4,500. If you want to buy a smart device so check this out.
  • Google assistant get a another update where now you talk with Google assistant if you phone locked. But for your safety Google answer your limited question.  
  • Fortnight now available for android without any invitation. 
  • Reports said that Tax of Tale-Communication parts will increasing so the price of the Smartphones increase so fast.

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