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Price Drop One Plus 6 | LG V40 ThinQ | Eluga X1 & X1 Pro | LG watch W7 | Wi-Fi change their name | 4 Rear Cameras from Samsung | Motorola One Power is moving towords the sell & Many more.... #23 Today's Tech

#23 Today's Tech ; Price Drop One Plus 6 | LG V40 ThinQ | Eluga X1 & X1 Pro | LG watch W7 | Wi-Fi change their name | 4 Rear Cameras from Samsung | Motorola One Power is moving towords the sell & Many more....
#23 Today's Tech

  1. In Amazon great Indian sale oneplus 6 is available at 29999 rupees. If you waiting for a smartphone under 30000 with Snapdragon 845 processor, so you definitely check it out it. This may be a good option for you because oneplus 6t does not come with too much difference with this Smartphone, they remove 3.5 audio jack, the extra thing you got the water does not display and under display fingerprint scanner but don't have a wireless charging option do it is a flagship smartphone.
  2. LG launched their new flagship level smartphone LG V40 TninQ. The smartphone has 6.4 inch QHD+ Plus display, triple camera in back side(12MP+16MP+12MP), dual camera in front site(8MP+5MP), 3300 mAh battery, USB type C port, quick charging, 3.5 mm audio jack, Snapdragon 845 processor. Available at 66000 rupees.
    LG V40 ThinQ           Photo Credit:- Phone Arena
  3. Panasonic launched 2 smartphone in India named Panasonic Eluga X1 and Panasonic Eluga X1 Pro. Do the smart phones are exactly same, only difference in a Ram and internal storage. Panasonic Eluga X1 has 4GB of Ram and 64GB internal storage and Panasonic eluga X1 pro has 6 GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage. Eluga X1 is available at rupees 22990 and eluga X1 Pro at 26990 Indian rupees. The design of the smartphone looks premium and its higher variant support wireless charging. Though price of to smartphone is too high Panasonic use helio p60 processor both of the smartphone. Both smartphone has 6.18 inch full HD plus notch display, 16 + 5 megapixel dual rear facing camera and 16 megapixel front facing camera, IR Face unlock. What remove 3.5 audio jack.
  4. LG launched their hybrid Smartwatch LG watch w7 in the launch event of LG V40 thinQ. It support Google wear OS 2.1 and Snapdragon 2100 processor. It can use for three to four days as a Smartwatch but 100 days Run like analogue watch. Available at 33000 rupees.
    LG watch W7       Photo Credit:- 9to5google.com
  5. Truecaller launched Truecaller chat messaging system for Android. Letter it come in iOS device. this is a normal chatting app like WhatsApp and WeChat where you can share media files and chat with others but the extra feature in this app is it want you to share the external links and you can also allow anyone not to share the particular external links. This is a very good concept by Truecaller in this days to prevent the fake news of WhatsApp.
    Truecaller Chat         Photo Credit:- Techcrunch
  6. Wi-Fi will change the name of their upcoming Wi-Fi. Current Wi-Fi name is this name is too much complicated so wife I decided to cut out the name as Wi-Fi 4, Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6 etc.
  7. A folder leaked from Samsung Galaxy S9 which shows that upcoming Samsung foldable smartphone comes with Exynos processor not Qualcomm Snapdragon. In this folder also show that Samsung Galaxy S10 come with 4 variant and the higher variant is come with the upcoming processor of Snapdragon 8150 the inner name of Snapdragon 855 the successor of chapter 845.
  8. Nintendo give us hint that they will be launched Nintendo switch Pro the updated version of Nintendo switch in the year of 2019.
  9. DXO mark announced camera score of iPhone Xs Max which is 105 while Huawei P20 Pro make score of 109. This is too much disappointed that around rupees 150000 has not the best camera.
    DXO Score        Photo CreditL:-macrumors.com
  10. LimeLight make a survey where show that Indians watch online video 8 hour 8 Minute every week on an average a single person.
  11. Though iPhone has camera issues and many of charging issues but this things didn't stop apple to be the number one brand in the world. Apple beat Google (2nd). Facebook is V number brands in the world work for many issues they lost their position and drop down to the ninth brand in the world.
  12. Samsung recently launched Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 edition which is 3 camera in the back side. Now the will plan to launch Samsung Galaxy A9 Star or Samsung Galaxy A9 S which contains 4 cameras in the backside.
  13. Motorola one power is going on sale from tomorrow 5th October.

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